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2016-2017 x REGULAR SEASON
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Andrew Peters


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15U Pure Tier I Age Classification and Tier I Nationals

Below is information from NYSAHA President and USA Hockey Youth Council Member Joe Baudo regarding the above referenced pilot program.  

This is for 15 year olds only and for Tier I AAA only. A 14 year old cannot play up that player could play on a 14 year old team but not on these teams. There will be a NYSAHA State Tournament and a USA Hockey National Tournament in those two seasons.


Any questions please contact Joe Baudo or myself.




David M. Braunstein
West Section President NYSAHA
Adult Council USA Hockey




January 20, 2016


To: Tier 1 Associations of NYSAHA


At this past weeks USA Hockey Mid Winter Meeting the Youth Council passed a Pilot Program which was then ratified by the USA Hockey Board of Directors.


Below is the description of the program.


Tier 1 Youth 15 Year old age classification Pilot Program for the 2016-17 and

2017-18 Seasons.


The Youth Council of USA Hockey has put into effect for the 2016-17 and 2017-

18 Seasons a 15 year old age classification at the Youth Tier 1 level. Under this

program Tier 1 Associations can have a 15 year old team. The team can be

comprised of only players that are from the 15 year old birth year for the 2016-17

an then the 2017-18 seasons respectively. This will be a PURE age classification.

No players 14 and under or 16 and over will be allowed to participate in this age



There will be no Exceptions.


USA Hockey will conduct a National Championship Tournament at his Age

classification for the 2016-17 (2017) season and the 2017-18 (2018) season. The

location has not been determined. In addition NYSAHA will also be conducting a

State Championship in 2017 and 2018 to select a team to represent NYSAHA.


The number of teams in NYSAHA will determine the Format.


As a Pilot Program the Youth Council will then review it after the first year and

report back to the Board of Directors.


I wanted NYSAHA Tier 1 Associations to be aware of this program ASAP so you

can plan for next season.


If you have any question I can be reached by email at


Joe Baudo